Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 37

PENALTY! I missed last night partially because I got home late, partially because I forgot, and partially because my hands hurt too much to type. They still hurt today, but I couldn’t bring myself to skip again.

PROMPT: I got the idea from to check the Missed Connections on Craigslist. Here’s what I found:
You were waiting for the bus and came in for a drink, maybe because the bus was late and it was cold outside.

Your hair was coming out of the hat that you had tucked it into. The wind had blown the blonde strands apart, but I thought it looked sexy and not disheveled. You walked up to the counter slowly, taking the time to analyze the menu first. I assumed you were in a rush, but a bus passed through the stop right outside and you didn’t flinch. You wrestled with your coat to get you purse as you approached the counter. You sighed and laughed because it took so long for you to get out your wallet. I found it charming.

“Sorry. Can I please have a soy latte?” you said apologetically. Your voice was hoarse. It seemed sultry even though you were apologizing. You smiled as if asking for my patience, but there was really no need. I had no problem waiting for you. There was barely anyone in the store. It was the tail end of the morning rush, and you, like the others, seemed to no longer be in any rush.

I was upset this morning that it was cold again. I thought we had turned the corner into spring, but it was frigid again when I woke up. I was happy that it brought you into the café though. I got you your soy latte as you looked at each of the scented candles on display, stopping to smell each one. Did you know you have the sweetest smile, when you think no one’s looking? I called out “Soy Latte” and you turned as if it was your name and you were used to answering to it. I couldn’t help but wonder where you usually get you soy latte. Have you been to this café before? Why haven’t I ever seen you?

I brought it to you from behind the counter, and you smiled as if you were embarrassed. “Soy latter,” I said, as I placed it in your hands. You thanked me with a slight bow of the head, like I was your knight in shining armor. I thought you would leave to catch the next bus but you sat down by the window and sipped your latte as you watched people. I fill other drink orders and watched you in between customers. Did you notice me watching? Hopefully, you didn’t think I was weird.

I was waiting for it to be my break so that I could come talk to you. I wanted to ask what your name was. I wanted to know if you answered to it as easily as you answered to “soy latte.” I want to ask where you were taking the bus to. Why you weren’t rushing there anymore. I wanted to know why you tried to hide you golden waves in your hat. From what I could see they were beautiful. I wanted to know which was your favorite scented candle and if you would actually buy one.

A group of people came in and I suddenly had to scramble to fill drink orders. When I turned around, you had gone.

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