Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 30

PROMPT: One should never panic alone
From @CarieJenson

I’d just gotten home from work when Megan knocked on my door. “Hey you have a minute?” It wasn’t unusual for Megan to just stop by. We’d gotten close since we’d moved into the same building. We saw a lot of each other these days. “Sure, I was gonna make pasta. You want?” She walked past me and paced across the kitchen floor a couple of times. This wasn’t particularly unusual either. I turned on the burner under a pot of water and waited.
“I’m kinda freaking out Jo.”
“I can see that Megan.”
“Not feeling too hot Jo.”
“And why is that Megan?”
“Ok. Here’s the thing. You’re going to freak out too.”
I doubted it. Megan freaked out about something on a semi-regular basis. It was rarely anything vital. Usually she had just remembered a deadline was sooner than she thought or she’d stepped in gum.
“Ok I saw this guy outside the building who was really creepy and creepily hitting on me and forcing me to tell him which apartment was mine.”
“Yeah, he was really gross but he was putting me on the spot and didn’t know what else to do.”
“Megan! Did you give him your address??”
“I actually gave him yours.”
“I gave him your address. Sorry.”
“You gave a creepy building lurker my address?!”
“Yeah I’m really sorry.”
“Why would you do that?”
“I don’t know, I panicked.”
“So you wanted to bring me in on it?”
“I guess so…”
“Care to share why?”
“I read somewhere that one should never panic alone.”
I paused and stared at her.

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